Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So long Facebook and thanks for all the fish...

 So this morning I pulled the plug on a nearly 9 year addiction named Facebook. I've been using it so often every day that I'm not sure how to use the internet without it.

Why did I shutdown my page? Honestly it's in the above opening statement. I used it EVERYDAY sometimes for hours other just in short spurts throughout the day. I felt it was monopolizing my time especially at home that I have been neglecting conversations with my wife and occasionally interactions with my daughter. And when anything gets to that level it's time to move on. It's nice to know that if I were to reopen my page it would be like I never left, kinda comforting, but I need to be steadfast in my resolution.
My Facebook page has had plenty of use in my life, to complain, to pontificate on various things in pop culture i found interesting as well as personal milestones. Not to mention an assload of photographic shenanigans. But I've gotten to where I didn't care about what people posted about, never looked at their links or things added to my site. Then the other day I was "de-friending" a bunch of people that I never talk to and have no interaction with in my daily life and it got me thinking that why do I even need the damn thing in the first place.

This got me reminiscing on all those milestones in so far as the very low dark spots and the extremely high, proud moments I spilled onto the interwebs over my tenure:

- using Facebook as an alternative to myspace(which i jettisoned years back)
- new love
-road trips
-getting my puppy Emmy Lou
- various movie theater related news( goofing around at the Desert Star and St Anthony Main etc.)
- leaving everyone to move up to Minneapolis
- being irreparably heartbroken (at the time I thought)-
- bellyaching about being alone and  in an unfamiliar city no less
- slowly finding my way around MPLS, meeting friends, favorite hangouts and such
- falling in love for a one hot minute on multiple occasions / whiskey fueled mistakes
- living on my own and finding ways to combat boredom and loneliness ( which consisted of...)
- crawling into a whiskey bottle for the better part of three years
- eventually meeting some amazing people through kickball, concerts, triple double tuesdays, bike riding, hidden beach adventures
- movie mondays that brought together quite a few of my friends for our drunken versions of Mystery Science Theater 3000
- taking up residency at the C.C. Club including celebrating two birthdays with my favorites people
- Many, many drunken status updates that we so embarrassing that I would have to delete them first thing I woke up nursing massive hangovers.
- The December I can't Remember with Anna during the Triple Rock's week long 10th anniversary celebration
- Club Club Crew
- getting to sing doublewhiskeycokenoice on stage in a heap of inebriated humanity
-  showing off pictures of various tattoos, halloween, glam parties, zombie pub crawls
-  making Minneapolis my home
- binges of Johnny Jump-ups
- being fired on the same day as my roommate the first week we were living together
- blackout drunk Rock Band jam sessions hours past bartime
- anxiety/ panic attacks
*(forgot this one first time) -World travels to Australia where I got to among other things hang out with real live koalas and wallabys.
- cyberstalking friends and enemies
- meeting my future wife through a friends facebook page
- documenting the burgeoning relationship with my wife.
- falling in love
-engagement announcements
- baby announcement
- baby arrival
- seeking baby advice
- sharing photos and status update of my daughter
- finally deciding to shit can my page.

I'm very certain there are many other milestones that I have forgotten for any number of reasons but the point I'm driving at is that Facebook actually helped me remember a great big chunk of those moments and helped me share them with my friends but I also believe that many it's oversharing and I need to live life with minimal use of the internet. Be more present with my family and let them be the reason I remember the good and bad things about life. 

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