Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ear Worms

I think I have that Dora The Explorer theme song burned into my brain. We've only started watching it this week and it is one of those that hibernate in your ear and you start singing it in shower or middle of work. But atleast its a break from the Yo Gabba Gabba songs.

Since we've been watching so much kid programming that I have sacrificed my october of horror movies. I've watched The Walking Dead and a couple low budget movies released on Netflix Instant, like Dead House and Paranormal Activity 3.

I'm so tired. I stayed awake til what would have been "bar time" and I'm like death warmed over today. Maybe i'll get a nap and then rejoin the living later today. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

October Surprise (and Scares)

I've got a late start but this weekend I've started my October horror movie viewings. I'm mostly relying on Netflix Instant for my movie choices with a few of favorites that I own tossed in for good measure.
So far this weekend I watched:
Apartment 143: kind of a very low budget version of Paranormal Activity mixed with Poltergeist. It had the kid from Caddyshack ( who also played Jackie's baby daddy on Roseanne) as the lead investigator. Not awful, no masterpiece.

The Blair Witch Project 2 Book of Shadows: First I don't think there is ever a mention of the "Book of Shadows" if remember right. Its a bad quick cash in sequel to TBWP, though what made me rewatch it ( i saw it in theaters....*sucker* *cough*) was that I realized the guy Jeffery Donavan from Burn Notice was one of the main characters (one degree of separation from Ash himself Bruce Campbell). Again it was a quick cash in kind piss poor, not scary but I still made it through to the end.

The InnKeepers: a haunted hotel and two of its workers try to communicate with the dead woman who haunts it. Its a little slow at first but the tension ramps up and the last half hour is pretty creepy and fun. This is the third movie from director Ti West that I've seen and with each one I enjoy his films more and more, the first being House of the Devil again a slow burner but I liked it and then the second being a sequel to Eli Roth's Cabin Fever which for being a follow up not done by the writer or director of the original it was a fun horror flick.

The Mist: (black and white version) After a storm a mist comes down from the mountains and overtakes a lakeside town but there is something that dwelling in the mist. Its a small set piece where everyone who was in town for supplies gets stuck in a supermarket and as the hysteria of dealing with what is outside causes people to split into groups and turn on eachother. Frank Darabont who would go on to develop The Walking Dead for TV directed this and i've seen the color version in theaters which i liked, the black and white treatment gives an extra sense of dread.  I closed all the shutters at night while i watched it.
While watching it I realized that Dale, Andrea and Carol from The Walking Dead TV show were first all together in The Mist. Kinda cool connection to a very good show.
This has one of the most depressing endings of any horror movie I've seen in forever. Maybe bleak is the best word. If you are watching it for the first time you will be shocked by it. Highly recommend.

Slither: has been described as a Troma movie with a bigger budget and in some ways I agree but more substance to it than other Troma fare. James Gunn who wrote Tromeo and Juliet wrote and directed this and its so good on so many levels. Watch for places and people named after famous horror movie characters or actors. This movie has everything, aliens, zombies and blood, lots of blood. Nathan Fillion best known for the show Firefly is great, as is Elizabeth Banks. I really enjoyed Michael Rooker (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and first season of The Walking Dead) is a real treat.
WHen I first saw it in the theaters, going into it I thought it was gonna be such shit but I was working at a theater so I got to see it for free and in an empty theater and after watching I WAS CONVERTED. I will sing the genius of this movie on the top of every mountain.

Now I'm not sure what will be up for this week. I know the 3rd season of The Walking Dead starts this Sunday and I am very amped up that. Otherwise I'm going to mine Netflix Instant for some more horror gems amongst the utter shit. I'll keep you posted. If anyone has suggestions please pass them along.

Scaretober has begun....