Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Used Video Games on PS4?

I'm a huge video game nerd. I've had a console since as long as I can remember, all the way from a Colecovision to a Playstation 3 that I currently own. One of my best memories was Christmas morning waking up to the sound of the laughing dog from Duck Hunt, my dad was playing the Nintendo that my parents had gotten us. He couldn't resist setting it up and playing it before we got a chance to open it. We spent the rest of the morning trading off turns shooting those pixelated ducks.
I've been a loyal Playstation owner from day one after saving up all summer from my first job to buy the original Playstation myself.  I was blown away playing Destruction Derby and Tekken.  I was so jazzed when I got the Playstation 2 and I played the shit out of all the Grand Theft Auto games. I couldn't wait until the PS3 was released when I heard it was wi-fi capable and had the blu ray drive.  I've never even thought about getting any Microsoft consoles, I've been a Sony guy but I just read an article today that has made me doubt I am going to continue once the PS4 hits stores.
What would make me abandon a console franchise that I have been so enamored with since 1996?
I was reading which had a story on Sony patenting technology that would stop second-hand video game sales. Basically the idea is that the PS4 would contain a unique ID tag and each new video game would also have its own ID tag. The video game ID tag would save onto the PS4 and if both ID tags don't match up the video game won't be able to play. The idea behind it being that it would cause PS4 owners to be forced to buy games brand new only. Right now people can sell their used games to stores like Game Stop or even sell them to other gamers directly via . Sony doesn't get a cut from the used game market and this new technology would stamp that market out completely.

I personally cannot afford to buy all my games brand new at $60 a pop. I save all year to buy the Madden games as well as the annual WWE wrestling video games ( yeah I'm that nerd). Thats about all I can spend on new games. Every now and again I can get a used game for tons cheaper than when they are first released. If Sony's new technology is implemented then gamers like me won't be able to take chances on games that aren't the type they usually play. We'll have to stick to the games we know we like and that will pretty much castrate the creativity of video game developers and for instance we'll get a bunch of Call of Duty clones because that franchise sells so well, instead of trying to come up with original game concepts.
This technology won't let friends borrow games to friends.
I cannot imagine how Sony thinks these video games could possibly work either. Would rental companies get special re-useable tagged games? If so, that would most likely lead to renters to just keep the games instead of returning them since they already have a game with a useable ID tag and they got it extremely cheap.
If Sony does go ahead with using this new technology then it's basically shooting itself in the foot as much like myself, many current Playstation owners would most likely defect over to buying the new Microsoft game console. I know I would seriously consider purchasing the new iteration of the X-box so I could continue to buy games at a discount.
Especially in this economy how could you think you could force customers into spending such high prices for these games.
The only way this technology could be adopted is if it were unilaterally implemented across every console, be it Sony, Microsoft or Nintentdo. Otherwise Sony might as well not even make the Playstation 4 because there is no way the cost of development could be recouped as sales would be abysmal versus competing next generation game systems.

The only reason I could even imagine Sony would toy with the idea of do this is a power play with second hand game retailers into giving them a cut of the used game sales. What other reason would you risk alienating your customer base? I know it would not be worth sinking the money into a gaming system I could hardly afford to play.

I sincerely hope that Sony does not go ahead with making use of the patented technology since I've always thought that the Playstation systems were the more superior game consoles. But fuck that, if I'm gonna drop what would mostly likely be nearly 400 dollars on a system where I could only afford to buy one or two games a year.
So basically this rant is me telling Sony to get their head out of their asses and don't screw over your fan base.

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