Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zen and The Art Of Suburban Repair

I've gotten sick of music lately, new and old, it doesn't matter. Maybe it's getting to listen to my Ipod all day at work or everything is beginning to sound the same?
I'm not really sure. There are still some bands I can always listen to but I feel like I need a break from all music as much as I can to appreciate it proper again.
So Instead I've been diving into audio books instead.
I had World War Z playing 3 times in a row before today where I started "Haunted" by Chuck Palahniuk. I've read it already but it was nearly 10 years since I read it so its kinda cool to listen to it with a cast reading it.
After I finish this I'm going to have to start finding good books that I actually haven't read yet. I don't really have enough time to sit and read much of anything that isn't a website which makes me feel very mentally lazy since I use to read at least  4 or 5 books a year. Listening to a book is the next best thing. I am hoping that listening to new books instead of the same music over and over, will help me get past my writer's block on that book project I keep talking about. I usually get a burst of inspiration and knock out 20 pages here or there, but lately I haven't felt the urge to further the story.
Take this blog for instance, I haven't updated it in what, like a month or two?
I don't nearly have enough inventiveness to update my Facebook status most of the time. I don't know how writers can sit down day after day and crank out a story in such short amount of time. It's taken me nearly 2 years to get sixty pages give or take. Here's hoping I get my muse back to flesh out the rest of what I've already written.
Beyond the previous Summertime is coming and going far too fast. I seem to count it in lawn mowings. I've started doing it twice a week to keep up. I actually really enjoy it, even when I'm not in the mood I still end up glad to see the result after. I tend to view mowing as attacking the lawn. It gets rid of any pent up aggression and I get a pretty good workout as well. Being all domestic is kinda working out for me. I dig it. I'm sure come winter, shoveling is going to be a lot less fun, you know... with the cold and all. Trimming the plant life around the yard is my moment of Zen.
One of my buddies moved back and looks like we are going to start a weekly or bi-weekly movie night which should be fun.
I like my job but the heat getting cranked up in the warehouse as the summer goes along while adding to the workload is exhausting. Most days I don't have the energy Lucia requires from her Papa. Through work though I have learned that I am much better off getting up early in the day as hard as it is to get out of bed, sleeping in late has a tendency to turn me into a raging asshole for the remainder of that particular day. I mean I love sleeping but I've gotten so use to being awake at dawn that I'm better off in the long run to roll my lazy ass out of bed rather than linger between the sheets.
Oh Lucia is becoming my little nerd when she comes down and asks if I'm watching "Doctor Who" and sits with me when I do watch it. I have do have to sit through more of the usual kids fare on Netflix than I'd like. Especially the new computer generated Mickey Mouse cartoons, I cannot stand them. Soon enough I'll be able to let Lucia Phair watch horror movies with me as long as I can show her the special features so she doesn't have nightmares. For some reason I never had nightmares from any horror movies I watched when I was a kid. I didn't get horror related nightmares until after I hit my 20's. Not that I dream much anyway but on occasion I'll get one usually based on the haunting sub genre rather than the gory stuff. Either way I'd hate to cause Lucia to have bad dreams because I had her watching stuff she doesn't understand. I'd guess that if she sees how the special effects are created it would take some of the scare out of it.

I don't really know how to end this blog entry things are overall going well. I've got my lows as far as panic attacks and anxiety which makes me a bastard to deal with but it's gotten much better than it's been so... yeah... shit's not too bad right now. Hope life keeps treading upward. Now if only my numbers for the lottery would hit the jackpot. Not that I believe that'd happen. The lottery is buying basically buying disappointment one dollar at a time.

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