Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bunker Buster

I've been in Geekville alot rewatching Lost from the beginning for the third time. Last time it was when I was home with Lucia, back when she was a newbie, between jobs.
I still dig it just as much as the first time I started watching the series.
I've done Doctor Who to death waiting for the newest season to be added on N.I.
I've had enough Mad Men for quite a while. I pretty much hated the new season of Arrested Development save for a few parts here and there.
Twin Peaks, once was enough.
Breaking Bad is edge of my seat stuff but now I have to wait until the Monday following to watch new episodes, I'm not so good with patience that's why I have found ways to NOT have cable yet see new episodes of shows and PPV's through my computer onto the big screen. "If you stream it, they will come"
In case anyone is curious Geekville is our basement which is more of a viewing room. I think I've mentioned before, it's like Margaritaville but for laziness instead of dumb, drunk assholes in Hawaiian shirts.
After a physically and mentally taxing work it is probably the best place to be.
And I love my bed, thats how much I like it down here. In fact, I probably have committed 4, borderline 5 of the seven deadly sins down here. That may be a liberal interpretation and I have no plans on naming them here. I'd say they are the most harmless ones but if its like a deadly sin doesn't that by it's very nature render it harmful? Not that I subscribe to that nonsense but I glanced over and saw my copy of Se7en and it made me think for a second. "That's heavy Doc"

Music Time works down here too thanks to plugging my iPod into my sound system. I hate I cannot find all the components to my record player so my albums sit sadly staring at me. Eventually I'll root around my mom's house to find all the wires and shit needed to get it up and running. I had a tiny record player for a while but something in the motor broke. It was one of those vinyl, cd player, tape deck old timey looking ones but it sounded like absolute shit, too fast and somehow too slow all the same time. I have no clue how that is even possible but it was. Wasn't too sad when the motor just stopped spinning.

Geekville is perfect after a long day lifting boxes and putting books into other boxes. Only thing better would be if there was one of those therapeutic whirlpools in range of the TV. But it's good enough for my decompressing time after Lucia goes to sleep. And most every other time I get a chance. Which is probably too much.

Every good thing has it's drawbacks. Suzy's not a fan of basements in general but even though ours is completely finished and dehumidified, she doesn't like coming down here. Plus she isn't a huge fan of what I watch so unless Lucia is down here playing with her toys then she sticks to our bedroom mostly. Sadly the actual upstairs sitting room doesn't get much love. The walls are too bare up there for me. I like looking at things hanging up, I haven't gotten over that "teenage cover every inch of your walls with your favorite things" phase. Not sure I ever really will.

Also during my decompress time I the choice to play video games and I've been meaning to play Madden 13 but I never seem to put it in, I just stick with WWE 13. Its the only fighting game I can play for more than a week. Also I have that very neglected Rock Band guitar and microphone. I should bust that out sometime but probably when Suzy is gone with Lucia somewhere otherwise I could see myself waking Lucy up with my loud off key singing.
Tomorrow night I am surely putting some time into Madden 13. It's just that it's atleast an hour and a half commitment to play a game then save it then turn off. Oh these damn first world problems.

Final summation: the things that we love slowly steal our souls, the question is, is it worth it?

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