Sunday, August 25, 2013

Duluth to Madison...Treatment Bound

First thing I noticed when watching Die Hard is that it was filmed when you could still smoke in airports. I realized that before I noticed that Bruce Willis still had hair.

I had been having a hard time seeing while driving to work, bad enough that I had to pull over until it passed. It was like not being able to keep both my eyes open at the same time because when I had them both open thats when my vision would go double or just plain screwy. So I went in to the doctor last week to see what the hell is going on with that. As an aside I also mentioned that I had lost something like 20 lbs in the last 4 months give or take. Anyway, I go in to see a nurse practitioner since my real doctor was booked up a month out. Before I get to even see her, they do a vision test on me and i apparently have pretty damn good vision so when I do see the N.P., she dismisses my concerns with my eyesight episodes since my vision test was great. Instead she focuses on my weight loss which seems to have been 12 percent of my total body mass. After the normal questions with no red flags I get sent down to the lab for blood work to check my thyroid as well as normal body  functionality tests and then sent on my way home.
I got a call then next day to tell me that they found nothing. 30 dollar co-pay to be told they don't know why my eyes go crazy every now and again or why I'm down the weight. I've been doing warehouse work for over two years so the exercise isn't spurring the change nor is a change in what I eat since I already have to be careful what I eat. Nothing I can figure as to what the hell is going on and neither can the professionals.

Got brought into my boss's office last week and got talked to about the amount of time I spend in the bathroom at work. Pretty fucking embarrassing being asked if I have a medical condition( i do) but even more so hearing that a co-worker was the one bitching to my boss about it. It's not something I can really control. Some days I get attacks worse than others. Now I just put my head down, my iPod on and push through my work days as best I can.
Just another reason why I spend two dollars a week on lottery tickets. That tiny hope that one day I don't have to put up with humiliation like that anymore.

I was going to write up a huge thing about the latest shitty stuff my Mother's other son has pulled but then I came to the conclusion that it's not my place to tell put him on blast for everyone who may or may not know him as much as I would like to. Anyone who needs to know the story probably already does and if you don't, you might hear about it down the road. Honestly it isn't worth my time as the antics aren't really new just a ramped up version of past stupid shit. Nothing changes just gets worse so I'm done bothering with it.

Flip it to the positive flow now.

Suzy and I had a really relaxed albeit not terribly romantic anniversary this year. A trip to Menards then Best Buy to pick up Wayne's World and Die Hard on Blu-Ray then dinner at Friday's. It was nice to have the time to go out spend time together, just her and me.
Thanks to my sister and brother in law watching Lucia for us.
We didn't do anything on our actual anniversary this was done the saturday prior. Our anniversary fell on a Monday so after working all day both of us just wanted to lay around and watch TV when Lucia went to bed. I'm going to have to start planning something special for next year. No clue what that might be but it's a project for me and I've got a whole year to toil away at it.

Going to be spending next weekend up with the In-laws at Pelican Lake cabin. The last time I was up there was Suzy and my honeymoon. Lucia's been up there more than I have but it also might be our last time since it might go up for sale sometime soon.
By the forecast, its going to be a perfect average late August weekend. Hot as hell which should be great to go out for a boat ride and maybe a swim in the lake. It will be nice to get away for the weekend.
Two weeks after that Adam and I will be going down to Chicago on that Sunday for Riot Fest which more than anything is for me to get the chance to see The Replacements( Tommy, Paul and two of Paul's solo touring band regulars). This will be the year I get to cross off the last two musicians I wanted to see before I die ( Paul Westerberg and Willie Nelson respectively). So excited. I guess you could say I can't hardly wait.

Also in mid September the new Grand Theft Auto is being released. I'm saving up so I can get it and I believe Adam is getting it too so we can use the online multiplayer together. Its the little geeky things in life that make it so worth living
Then I get four days in October off because we don't have anyone to watch Lucia so I get to burn through some PTO which will be really nice.
Paid to sit at home with my daughter. More than happy to take it.

Final summation: "Explosions are the most boring part of my day"

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