Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down( Bonzo Works In A Warehouse)

Twice in two days Esteban has fallen into water because of me and his curiosity. First was when I left the toilet seat up and he fell in and then tonight after Lucia's bath I got distracted and forgot to drain the tub and in he went again. Atleast this time he was actually clean afterwards.

This weekend is our second Anniversary and I have absolutely no idea what we are going to do. Well, Monday is the actual date but with my 10 hour days at work, I'll be worn out by the time I get home Monday night, so we are planning on doing something. A random aimless road trip for the day around Wisconsin might be fun. Don't know where the hell would be interesting without driving way way up Northwoods way. I want nothing to do with the Milwaukee area. I've still got a couple days to make some sort of game plan.

Uggg, 3 more ten hour shifts to go. Warehouse work is an exercise in mental and physical endurance. Sometimes I hate that clocks are in view. I'd rather get lost in work and then boom, next thing you know 3 hours have passed. Those are the good stretches of the day.
My stomach has been my enemy at work the past week or so. Pretty much have to stop after every order to make a run to the pisser. I get nervous that my co-workers think that I'm just being lazy with all the time I wander off and I really hate to have to explain the reason for my periodic disappearances. Also my anxiety has been jumping up to levels that are making it hard to hide at work let alone deal with on my drive home from work.
Also I just got into some correspondence with a old co-worker who has similar experiences with these types of issues. It's nice to be able to trade secrets and tips on how to deal with the stress and anxiety that can become so oppressive. Gives me a bit of hope on that front.

I saw The Wolverine last weekend and it wasn't great but it wasn't awful. Much much better than X-Men Origins but it did have it's slow middle but the ending made up for it. Plus the set up for the next X-Men movie they are working on now was pretty geek-tastic.

Fuck, I've got to be up at 5am. My brain is slowly fading like that family picture Marty has in Back To The Future. Thus I ended it here. Onto a later date....

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