Monday, August 12, 2013

No, I'm Sorry, The TV Is Broken, But We've Got Lots Of Music Instead"

I cannot believe how hard it is to convince a 2 1/2 year old that "TV is broken" when constantly being pestered to watch "Yo Gabba Gabba" or "Sunny Day" which is Lucia speak for "Sesame Street".
I've been trying very hard to stick to at least the first hour when we get home each day to have music time. Lucia fights it every time, whining for whatever kids shows are on Netflix Instant since we don't have cable, only internet. But once the first or second song starts she gets use to it and sets about to play with toys.
This kills three birds with one stone as it gives me some time to catch up on my own internet addiction, get off my feet for a bit and not have Lucia glued to the TV or computer screen.
We've realized lately just how strong Lucy P's need for kids shows are. My hope by instituting this moratorium on tv watching and replacing it with music will keep her using her imagination since she gravitates back to her toys (action figures, little people animals or fake kitchen) while the music plays.
I made a playlist on my computer before Lucia was born comprised with songs I wanted her to know( The Ramones, NoFX, Liz Phair, Tom Waits etc..) , kid's songs which is mostly Matt Pryor from The Get Up Kids' kids side project The Terrible Twos as well as Kimya Dawson's kids album and some songs from that "Yo Gabba Gabba" show then there are the songs I thought a little kid would like "Rock Lobster" "Eep Op Ork", and maybe some old Stevie Wonder. I haven't really used this playlist very much in her first two years because she seemed to dig when stuff on my personal playlist came on. The first time I saw her bouncing in her carseat to 7 Angels, 7 Plagues I got so excited.
Eventually I got her to say "Oi Oi" when "The Brews" came on. Randomly one day Lucia started singing the chorus to that Carly Rae Jepsen song "Call Me Maybe" even though neither of Suzy or I own that song. I did end up finding the single because for a few months it was constantly requested. And she got good at singing a little bit more than just the chorus.
Suzy has go her into Lady Gaga. Besides "Wheels on the Bus" or "Ring Around The Rosey" we really haven't exposed the little one to typical kid's songs. I'm not sure how much her grandmother's have sang songs with her but she doesn't repeat any of them at home.
Once Lucia started singing the Sesame Street theme song it began to make think her TV time was getting out of control. Now if we don't let her watch one of those kids shows (we have kept it mostly to educational shows, tried to at least) it's FREAK OUT city. Tantrums, whining all that bad jazz that kids do when they don't get what they want. In an effort to make TV more of a treat I've been saying "TV is broken" or " Yo Gabba Gabba went away" anything I can to get her mind away from those shows before a meltdown occurs.
Right now I'm feeling really good about the progress I've seen since starting Music Time. Sometimes she will start playing along on her little kid's drum set and tell me I have to play the tiny guitar or keyboard. That always make me grin all wide and toothy.
I plan on continuing this experiment to see what effect on her mood this has. It's always been too easy to just let her watch whatever show to have some peace, which Suzy needs more than me because Lucia Phair is in the "I want Mommy ALL THE TIME" phase. I'm really hoping this Music Time can start to replace her need for the TV. Though getting ready for work in the morning would be impossible if we didn't have that damn electronic babysitter. I hate that it's what works but I'm working on finding a way to balance this incongruity in her habits.
Fingers crossed.

Now that I'm past that preceding parent rambling, we got a new kitten on Friday. Well, I didn't have a say in it. I was asked about having a cat and I said NO! Throughout the day I kept getting text messages from the wife about different cats. I told her" IF I were to consider another cat it would have to be a short haired one" This was taken as "Ok, you can get a short haired cat" and when Suzy didn't come home at her normal time I was starting suspect what she was doing and when I put Lucia to bed and still no Suzy I texted her "you better be leaving those cats alone" then a half hour later I hear Suzy coming down the stairs slowly.
When I looked at the doorway I here her say "How mad are you" then I saw the carrier it confirmed my suspicions. We now have a new little short hair mutt cat that I got to name Esteban. He is very very cute and funny looking so that helped me get over the decision that had been made without my approval.
I had been feeling bad about denying her another cat since she is such an animal person, I was going to say yes eventually because I have to say NO way more than I would like to about different things. Well, there we go we've got a new member of the family that is much cheaper than another child so that counts for something. And I guess he makes a great anniversary present since we had said we weren't going buy each other anything.
That's about all I got right now. I'm sure I'll have something to complain about soon enough so until then. 

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