Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 draws to a close but not really looking back so much as stumbling forward...

So here is a quick update to the naked diet thing I tried.
The first few weeks were hard but I felt so good and then slowly my body stopped enjoying the new diet. My stomach has gave up on eggs, now they just make my stomach hurt in the mornings to the point my back is in spasms and sharp pains.
I still eat chicken sometimes with peppers, usually with a side of spinach and carrots. I've slowly re-added cheese which doesn't bother me too much.
Bread is hit or miss.
I had been making smoothies with bananas, strawberries, spinach, and sometimes cherries or blueberries but those started destroying me too.
I'm still avoiding going back to the bad habits from before though I do have a few breakdowns and indulge in chocolate or a pint of Culver's ice cream. I can't say that helps the cause but surprisingly it does little to incite such issues as the eggs or the smoothies do.

I've tried a few different recipes which have been pretty tasty but I've haven't seen any marked change for the better. Adding more vegetables to my diet I know has valued effect but not much to curb the stomach issues. Another doctor's visit is in the near future.
As Kurt Vonnegut wrote " So it goes..."

The winter is hitting in full force. But it's Wisconsin so what the hell do I expect.
Lucia is getting so damn smart. Obsessed with Spiderman at the moment. I've tried to introduce her into X-Men but the mutants aren't as interesting. She would rather watch the "web-slinger" or The Avengers cartoons. Makes me very happy even though I've watched the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon about 15 to 20 times each.
We are starting to get to the trying parts of parenthood with her. When she is good, she is a hilarious jewel but bedtimes have become battles of wills which makes me always feel like I'm being overly stern but when we are patient in our sleep rituals she takes every advantage to stretch out sleep time as long as possible. Not sure how many parents agree but I personally feel a firm bedtime is, routine if you will, is necessary otherwise she could be up later than even I'm currently staying up each night.
Though it does leave me excitedly anticipating the next phase when the tantrums are less frequent, not totally sure when that will happen, but I'm looking forward.

Christmas is coming up and although I do not like the whole holiday but I'm not fighting too much about indoctrinating Lucia in the Santa myth. I can't rob her of the magical parts of Christmas that little kids get to experience with the decorating and seeing all the lights. I can do my best to put my ideas aside until she is old enough to understand the world better. Slowly and in small doses I give her more than just the religious implications of the holiday. It's more about fun for her and if that's what Christmas means to her and I suppose I can't argue with that yet. If I were one of those parents who deny her those experiences then I'd be no better than any family who forces kids believing the full religious rigamarole before they have the chance to figure it all out for themselves.
So yeah, done being preachy or whatever.

Last note, the second season of American Horror Story is fucking fantastic.