Sunday, March 10, 2013

Writer's Blockhead

Today I got the writing bug back. I'm begging myself that it's going to stick around a while. It usually is only a flutter before I get distracted by video games, Netflix, my daughter and wife, household chores and the like.
5 pages.
I got nearly 5 pages written and I added at the bottom of my writing are seeds of ideas on how to proceed if I do get blocked up again.
Two years ago while I was between jobs I started what I hoped would become a short story or maybe even a novel, you know dreams of dropping "the great American novel" out of my brain. That effort spat out about 30 pages of cliches and overused metaphors and it took me a three weeks to get those 30 pages from spinning around in my head onto my laptop.
It would take Charles Bukowski under a month and countless beers to hunt and peck a great literary piece of work on his typewriter that was written for the every man not the so much for those in the Ivy league towers. Not flowery, to the point yet entertaining.
I only wish I were that type of writer. Instead these last 5 pages are more self indulgent ramblings that I'm masquerading as a patch-worked story. Much like that two year old piece I wrote, it also was ramble-y though those were my best effort to chapter-ize my stream of consciousness babble landing on the electronic page. This time there isn't much for dialogue  , maybe I'm setting up the ground work for a greater story or simply episodic anecdotes.
What I am hoping to do is marry what I'm just starting to write with those old pages into a hybrid that someone MIGHT actually read. I'm not overly ready to divulge subject matter just yet.
I've got my fingers crossed (not literally otherwise I'd never get any writing done) that this is just a beginning of an overflow of words worth someone else time besides my own.
I tend to over think things like these and then I second guess and censor myself. But I have to lay my cock on the chopping block if want to produce anything worth a damn.
I'm just hoping I have the courage to unzip.